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November 2023

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Glocester Heritage Society News and Events
Our last meeting of the year will be at the Evans Schoolhouse on November 20, 2023 at 6:00.

The winner of the Annual Raffle American Flag Quilt was Norma Lohr, Gift Baskets and Certificates winners were: Al Aubin, Eleanor Langlois, Judy Murphy, John Pitocco, Dave Johnson, Paula Lusignan, Elaine Brothers, Elizabeth Gates, Nancy Greene, Lee Sweet, Tim Laiho and Cathy Schwab. Winner of the 50/50 Raffle was Roland Rivet. The total profit benefiting the Glocester Heritage Society was $1197.00. Thank you to our supporters for making this annual event a success.

As Chairman of the Historic Cemetery Committee, Bill Brown and the Volunteers had a busy summer. Evan Soccio found a single shot replica pistol and Bill Vincent found an historic GAR grave marker. Research is being done on both items and will be placed on display when we open to public again next year. Perpetual Care for some cemeteries have been found with private property owners and businesses like FM Global volunteering. Following a story in the Observer on the work done in the Glocester Historic Cemeteries, Bill Brown was contacted by Channel 10 and an interview was aired on the evening news. Thank you to Bill Brown and Historic Cemetery Volunteers for a great job.

Thank you to Karen, Val and Master Gardeners for their projects at the Reuben Mason Medicinal and Job Armstrong Kitchen gardens. A new sign at the JAS will notify the public of their activities. The Witch Scarecrow at the gate and Garden Frights in the backyard won Second Prize at the Scarecrow Festival Contest. And much appreciated were the pounds of fresh produce that was harvested by the URI Master Gardeners from the Kitchen garden and donated to the Glocester Senior Center.

GHS members will be getting display cases ready for our members and public visitors for viewing next year. On the main floor, the Historic Cemetery display case will include the recent artifacts found by volunteers during clean ups. Upstairs exhibits being prepared include a replica of a bedroom with pictures of the last tenant to live there and the office chairs used by Chief of Police Morin with a write up describing headquarters when it was located in his house on Chopmist Hill Rd. We hope to make these and more historic displays available for public viewing.

The Ways and Means Committee Co-Chair Chris Kowal, in addition to collecting Dino's Slips, has been compiling volunteer hours since we joined the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor earlier this year. Volunteer hours equate to a monetary figure that can be used to apply for Grants that require matching funds. We are breaking records with over 31,000 hours of volunteer work for 2023. Volunteer hours are collected from GHS volunteers, Historic Cemetery Volunteers and Master Gardeners. Thank you, Chris.

In the past, GHS had workshops available to the public. Co-Chair of the Ways and Means Committee Christine Sederback hopes to revive some of these workshops in 2024. Last year, she had a small workshop for kids making May Baskets. She has some projects, that are now in the planning stages, using a small loom and a spinning wheel and the "Linus Blanket" Project. Stay tuned for more information and keep turning in your Dino's slips.

For those friends and members who are familiar with the layout of the Job Armstrong Store for monthly meetings, stop in and see the Store transformed into a shopper's delight. See photos below.

During COVID restrictions, the Glocester Heritage Society had helped local small business by hosting The Chepachet Chicks who are now located at the "Hen House."

Since 2022, we have hosted the Village Cooperative, a talented group of Artisans, Artists and Crafters. They are at the Job Armstrong Store from September until Christmas. The hours are Fridays 12-4, Saturday and Sunday 10-5. Also, Holiday Mondays, Black Friday and Candlelight Shopping on Thursday nights on December 7, 14 and 21 from 5-9.

The first meeting of 2024 will be January 15 at 2pm at the Job Armstrong Store.

Safe Holidays from The GHS Officers: Marie, Charlie, Bill, Karen and Roland


West of the Seven Mile Line
A History of Glocester (Episode 1)

Three years in the making, this documentary covers over 300 years of history and tells the story of the native people and early settlers. It describes the area when it was just a wild land called the Outlands or the land "West of the Seven Mile Line" and how it evolved into a thriving center of commerce when the Great Country Road was built (Rt. 44). It shows how the people were affected during the Revolutionary War and how the eyes of the world were on Chepachet during the Dorr Rebellion. It also takes an in-depth tour through the villages of Glocester. Written and produced by Betty and Carlo Mencucci, Log Cabin Studios.

Purchase your copy at GHS today!

Email for purchase information

Organized in 1967 -- The purpose of the Society shall be to identify, acquire, hold, arrange, restore, maintain, and preserve for posterity buildings, tracts of land and objects of historical, educational, architectural, cultural and other similar interests of outstanding value within the Town of Glocester, RI.

History is identity. It is our historic heritage that defines Glocester as a unique place. The Glocester Heritage Society seeks to bring history alive!

The Society is headquartered at the Job Armstrong Store at 1181 Main Street in historic Chepachet, Rhode Island. Built about 1813, this building was the largest of the thirteen dry goods and grocery stores operating during the early 1800's in Chepachet, with 4 to 5 clerks working full-time. The building was purchased by the Glocester Heritage Society in 1971 and was gradually restored. It now includes a Visitor Center and welcomes the public to all meetings. Historic and genealogical researchers by appointment only. Call 568-8967.

Please browse our web site to learn more about the Society and its activities, projects, and special events.


Please contact GHS President Marie Sweet at 401-568-7347 or GHS Archivist Edna Kent at 401-568-8967 to make arrangements.

Exhibits and Phetteplace Scrapbooks: 1st floor

Reading Room & Archives: 2nd floor

We sell books, cards, note paper, 1790 maps, cups, shirts, bags, elephant and Dorr Rebellion items.

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